Pastor Adam Smithyman

Freedom Destiny Center Pastor Adam Smithyman

Adam Smithyman is Pastor of Freedom Destiny Christian Fellowship in Orange Park, FL. He is an ordained minister of Christ! The Great Shepherd Ministerial Fellowship. He is a gifted administrator and is also a Retired Commander in the United States Navy with 21 years experience in leading men and women. He is the President of Dream Mentors, International Inc. Adam has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Bachelor's of Theology from the International College of Excellence in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Pastor Adam leads an Apostolic and Prophetic teaching ministry. Freedom Destiny Christian Fellowship (FDCF) first began under his headship as Christ Cafe Church in Grayslake, Illinois, and then branched out into Freedom Destiny Center (FDC) and is now FDCF. Pastor Adam oversees the ministries of FDC and teaches and trains the body of Christ in leadership principles needed for fulfilling their assignments the Lord has directed each saint to fulfill.

His ministry consists of such things as helping men deal with the intense issues of internet pornography, anger, alcohol, and idolatry but is not only limited to those issues. You will frequently find him mentoring and counseling couples, as well. He has a burden to see Christian’s stand up for who they are in Christ and to fight for the gospel in today’s world and impact the culture within their sphere of influence. He likes to keep Christians up to date on current issues that are affecting their rights and freedoms in this world. He believes that this country was founded on Christian principles that originated in the book of Genesis and that we should endeavor to live up to this foundation everyday. 

He is a down-to-earth guy raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. He has lived and worked throughout the world and has insights that are fresh and productive. He is blessed with a no nonsense, bold, and informative approach to his speaking.